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3 Vital Questions you should ask your potential caregiver

We all know that choosing someone trustworthy and caring can be a daunting task for those who are responsible for the care of a loved one, including our beloved seniors. When considering an agency or an individual, there are important questions that will be and should be asked to gain a better understanding of the caregiver or agency that will potentially provide the care for yourself or your loved one.

Here, I’m providing three essential questions that you should ask the caregiver that will give you a glimpse of their character and work experience, which will then provide you with some comfort in making a decision to move forward with their services, or continue to seek out the best candidate that will suit your needs.

Question 1– What is your work experience within the last five years?

When discussing work experiences, especially the most current history, you will be able to get a broad sense of what they can potentially do for you and your loved one. Does their work history involve caregiving or companionship? Have they worked with the elderly or have they been able to complete a task without direct supervision? Experience in the caregiving field is always a plus.

Question 2– Are you first-aid and CPR certified?

Anyone who works in the caregiving industry should be properly trained and certified to perform any first responder emergency skills, including first-aid and CPR in the case of breathing issues or cardiac arrest. Their certification should be from a training organization that requires skills practice and testing so that they have hands-on experience. The American Heart Association is an example of this type of training organization. The caregiver’s certification should also be current. Most certifications are required for renewal every two years.

Question 3– What draws you to the caregiving profession?

Whether or not they have experience, a caregiver should have a genuine compassion for the elderly. A nurturing disposition is also a must in a caregiver. They should find fulfilment in caring for the elderly.

Many other questions may be asked before you make your final decision, like those that are specific to your elderly loved one’s situation. Be sure to prepare those questions in advance so that the interview process runs smoothly and you and the caregiver are on the same page concerning the care of your beloved family member.

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