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5 Compelling Reasons Why You Need a Caregiver

Though there are many seniors today, 65 years and up, that continue to live normal, independent and active lives, there are still many seniors out there can use a little assistance from time-to-time or consistently. Market research indicates that there is a need for quality non-medical care amongst those who need or desire it. Here are some reasons you should consider utilizing a caregiver.

    The quality of life for people with long-term care needs depends on their ability to receive care in the way that they prefer. Those with-long term care needs include elders and those with disabilities living in non-institutional settings. Caregivers can remedy the needs of those who wish to stay at home by being their personal care assistant. Examples include getting up, dressing, bathing, transportation to work, appointments, errands, etc. Home health care aides provide similar services and some may have specialized training to help with tasks under the supervision of an RN.
    Home care is a cost effective service – not only for individuals recuperating from a hospital stay, but also for those who, because of functional or cognitive disability, are unable to fully take care of themselves. When comparing the cost of nursing homes, assisted living, and the monetary sacrifices of a loved one possibly losing their jobs in attempts to care for their love one, a caregiver definitely is worth the investment.
    We all have had or at some point may have instances where we may fall down or hurt ourselves accidentally. The difference is, someone that is older may not have as much strength to recover as easily as younger people. They may not have a phone or alert system available to help them. When a caregiver is around, your love one will have someone there that can immediately assist them so they won’t be lying there helplessly trying to figure out what to do. Many other safety concerns can be addressed with the presence of caregiver like being able to call 911 or perform CPR in case of cardiac emergency.
    Alzheimer’s and dementia are common diseases among the elderly. Seniors with these diagnoses are sometimes put into nursing homes due to the lack of knowledge about their diseases and how to care for them. Sometimes they don’t receive the individualized care that they deserve due to possible neglect in those homes. Truth is, a great number of seniors with these conditions can be cared for right in the comfort of their own homes or with their loved ones with the assistance of a qualified caregiver.
    Loneliness, depression and isolation can lead to serious health conditions including high blood pressure, serious mental illness, and worst of all, death. Studies have shown that seniors who opt in for caregivers tend to live longer, are happier, and generally enjoy their golden years. In a nutshell, caregivers promote longevity in all areas of senior living.
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