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Allow me to Re-Introduce Myself

By now, you’ve read “Meet the Owner”, but here’s my story… my journey to NOW!

In my early 20’s, while in college trying to figure out what I really wanted to do with my life, I landed a job as a caregiver at a retirement home with a home health agency. I really enjoyed working with the seniors, and there was one lady, named Alice, who frowned every time I had to say goodbye to her. This not only affected her but me as well. It was while working as a caregiver in the retirement home then that I had a vision of opening my own retirement home so that I could visit the elderly on a regular basis – as my job. But that idea quickly faded as I felt I needed to actually find a career to survive and seemed too unrealistic at the time.

Later, that job ended due to the closing of the home health agency. In the search for a new job, I applied and became laboratory assistant at a local hospital in Beaumont. I had begun my college career as a business major and later switched to medical laboratory technology due to the new-found fascination with laboratory testing. I figured I would always have a job in the medical field and ultimately graduated with a Medical Technology degree and have worked in that field ever since.

In 2012, I revisited my old idea of working with the elderly. I had previously spent a lot of time with one of my aunts in Louisiana who was ill, but still independent. I have fond memories of spending time with her watching football and one of her favorite shows, “Walker, Texas Ranger”. When she passed away, I began looking into going back to school for my original major, Business, so that I could transition into building a company that would change and brighten up the lives of the elderly as I imagined my relative’s demeanor when I would visit.

Now, I am following my dreams and helping to make others’ dreams come true by assisting in the enhancement of the quality of their lives!

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