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It’s the little things that make the BIG differences in senior care…

One of the hardest decisions you may make is the decision to turn over the care of your loved one to a stranger without understanding the impacts; positive or negative, it will have in their lives. You should know that even though the tasks of caregivers may seem small, they can have the potential to make the biggest differences in the overall health and well-being of your senior. Let’s take a further look at the potential benefits or positive effects the “little things” of caregiving can have on your loved one.

Reduces Stress

The care given by a qualified caregiver can greatly reduce stress for not only the senior receiving the care but the family as well. Even though the process of deciding on a caregiver may present a little stress in the beginning, the ease of knowing your loved one will benefit from the care in the long-run is priceless. Most of us have heard that stress is the “silent killer.” The reduction in stress makes a significant difference and adds longevity to the lives of the ones we love.

Improved Overall Health

Consistency with personal care (grooming, bathing, getting dressed, etc.) can greatly improve the confidence of the elderly. These are things that they may have neglected due to the effects of aging. Personal care and hygiene maintenance are important in overall health. It has been said and proven that when a person looks good, they feel good.

Homemaking, housekeeping, and laundry tasks help keep the home environment clean and refreshed so that they are comfortable. A well-kept environment is not only good for physical comfort but also can help with mental clarity as well. Your loved one won’t have to worry about those small tasks piling up and having to exert their energy for the upkeep. They can save their energy for more enjoyable ventures.

Companionships also can be a very positive aspect in overall health as it is known to decrease loneliness and depression which sometimes leads to poor health and even death.

Prevents Re-hospitalizations and Institutional Living

As a result of a reduction of stress and improved overall health, in-home caregiving can dramatically lessen or prevent the cases of hospitalization and the need for care in nursing homes and other institutional living facilities. Caregivers are there to respond to the immediate and long-term needs of your loved one which, if not available, can be costly and potentially a harmful and unwanted situation for them as well as the family in charge of care.

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